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""'I don't think I'm better than anyone'.
'Then you're an idiot'," Lauren Myracle from Rhymes with Witches"
Rhymes with Witches - Lauren Myracle

Title: Rhymes with Witches
Author: Lauren Myracle
Type: Young Adult
Genre: Horror
Tea: Spice of Life. Sweet in appearance, but spicy and dark undertones.
Rating: 4 out of 5

*Warning! Here be spoilers!*
This is the second time I've read Rhymes with Witches. I read it a few years ago and rated it at a 3, but couldn't really remember it. I think I got more out of it this time and it went up a star.
Reading Ms. Myracle's prequel, Bliss, to Rhymes with Witches helped this reading experience a lot. Instead of being confused and wondering where specific aspects (such as Lurl the Pearl and the feral cats) came from, I knew the back story and it made the book that much creepier.
The Bitches, the popular group in school made up of four girls, one from each grade level; seem like they have everything. They are worshiped. But how do you get to be a Bitch?
This is Jane's life at the beginning of the novel, always seeing the Bitches from the outside. But one day sophomore Bitch, Mary Bryan, asks her to hang out and everything changes.
The book is a whirlwind of fitting in, harassment, stealing, lies and dark magic. The difference between this novel and Bliss is the stage of the magic. In Bliss we watched Sandy, A.K.A. Lurl the Pearl spiral out of control in her search for power. It was terrifying to see what she would do to attain it.
In RwW we see how Lurl has harnessed this power, what she does with it, how she grants it to others and what she requires in return. Essentially we see the magic at work.
TheBitches are the eternal legacy of the four snow princesses in Bliss. One of them had to die to create Lurl; Lurl in turn changes the snow princesses to her bidding, calling them ice maidens, and from then on ensures there is always a female of power in each grade.
It was scary seeing how Bitsy, the junior Bitch, used her power to make Camilla's life a living hell. But what was even scarier was seeing Camilla turn against Jane, who helped her, and used that power against her, no matter that it was the same thing that was done to her. Just the thought of someone controlling your life like that is terrifying.
Bliss was bloodier and more ghostly while Rhymes with Witches was more psychological and witchcrafty. I'm really glad I re-read this after reading Bliss as it made it a more enjoyable experience. I would recommend reading these two books to anyone.